Workouts for Home

Workouts for Home


Consider spring the perfect time for a resolution redo—a chance to recapture your motivation, recommit to your goals, and refresh your workout.
Sandra spruces up her exercise sessions by using a BOSU balance trainer to help tone every nook and cranny. We bet the results will put spring in your step.

Spring Forward

Sandra’s Springtime Toning Workout wakes up your body by incorporating a BOSU, which targets prime movers (the main muscles you’re working) and small stabilizing muscles. You’ll also perform exercises that challenge your upper and lower body at once, a technique that helps fine tune coordination and blast fat.

TIP 1: Earn “Shop Your Way” Points

Join FitStudio, and rack up SYW points for walking, posting, friending (and much more!); redeem points at Sears, Kmart, or Land’s End.

TIP 2: Peppermint Power

Drinking water laced with peppermint oil improved oxygen flow, heart rate, and exercise performance, one study revealed.

TIP 3: Sleep Before You Shop

Buying groceries while you’re tired may result in making high-calorie food choices, according to one study.

TIP 4: Walk the Walk

One large study review of people over age 40 found that those who walked between 75 and 450 minutes weekly increased their lifespan by up to seven years, even if they were slightly overweight, compared to those who were obese and sedentary. A thought: Walk while you finish reading this.

TIP 5: The BOSU Burn

Sandra’s Springtime Toning Workout includes this move, a BOSU crunch (because regular crunches get dull!). The challenge is to fight for your balance on an unstable surface, the round side of the BOSU. As a result, you’ll fire up more core muscles than you would doing a standard crunch.

Jump Start on Fitness Goals

Jump Start on Fitness Goals

Sandra's Fit Tips

Sandra's Fit Tips