Window Treatments

Window Treatments

There are many options when it comes to dressing windows.  Better Homes and Gardens has made a list of the perfect styles that work in your home. Check out some of the tips below and read the full article here.

Window Banks: Panels & Valance

Just as you showcase a beautiful painting with an equally attractive frame, preserve nature’s artwork by flanking a window bank with softly gathered curtain panels united by a wide tailored valance that spans the window’s top. If exposure from outside elements is a concern, sheers can hide behind the fabric panels and be drawn across the opening when needed.

Window Banks: Panels on a Rod

Curtain panels trailing from a decorative rod are the most classic of treatments for any window configuration. Accentuate the architecture of multiple windows by suspending a narrow panel between each pane. For a bay window that projects beyond the room’s footprint, simply mount the rod on the foreground wall.

Double Hung: Swags

Unify a pair of side-by-side double-hung windows with asymmetric swags draped across the top of each and cascading down the outer window edges. For spaces requiring a touch of privacy, layer sheers beneath the decorative swags.

Double Hung: Panels on Rings

To open a double-hung window on a warm summer day is to treasure the refreshing breeze floating into the room. Capture the sensation visually by framing the window with flowing panels clipped to rings that draw easily across a decorative rod.

Casement: Tab-Top Panels

A proven fit on nearly any window, drapery panels can be formal or laid-back. Tab-top panels lend casual comfort to any space.

Transoms: Shutters

Simple, clean lines complement shapely arched windows. Shutters mounted on double-hung or casement windows below an arched top provide classic design with light and privacy control. For additional privacy, fan-shape shutters fit many standard arched shapes.

Patio Doors: Cornice & Draperies

With careful placement, even the most sophisticated window treatments can apply to French doors. Crown the door frame with a shapely cornice that disguises a rod from which curtain panels flow. Be sure the panels can move aside to allow the doors to open.

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