Every meal can be a memorable one with just a little attention to detail.  Here you’ll find interesting, thoughtful easy-to-create ideas that everyone will admire and appreciate. Best of all, you get to have fun and take all the credit!


Theme: Tablescapes set the mood of each meal whether formal or informal.  A formal occasion may mean a more traditional approach to your table, informal means anything can go.  But in both cases, you will want to mix and match items such as fabrics, plates, candles, and floral scenese in varying heights, colors, and textures to create interest and drama.


Menu: Simple servings are best.  Think pasta, cheeses, and fine wines.  Making smart menus easy is what matters most- think starters (appetizers or salad), main courses, side dishes, desserts and “cocktail time.”


Table Covering: Table coverings are the foundation for your tablescape.  By layering coverings it’s easy to achieve a finished, refined effect.  Establish your table with a base tablecloth (length of fabric) and add an overlay of a decorative fabric to enhance the look.  Utilize fabrics off the bolt to gain the greatest selection.  Remember with pinking shears you won’t have to sew a stitch.


Centerpiece: Ideas for simple centerpieces flow naturally from the theme.  Use fresh or faux flowers and greens with candles on your table whenever possible.  For a fun, festive look, use things from around your home.  Be creative-think decorative cookie jars, candle collages, teapot collections, even a cluster of miniature birdhouses.  Whatever strikes your fancy will work.  Display your centerpiece collection on multitiered levels using clear glass cake pedestals, bowls turned upside down, and assorted candlestick holders.  These items create varying height platforms to showcase individual centerpiece elements.


Place Cards and Favors: It’s fun and easy to create place cards and favors-and even more interesting when they are combined as one tabletop element.  Neither needs to be elaborate or expensive; a little ingenuity goes a long way.  Think of your guests’ interests and likes-sweet treats in themed containers, snapshots in interesting frames, and trinkets in reusable boxes– a gift in a gift is always popular.


Fashion: match your outfit to your theme.  By wearing clothing that matches the color and personality of your table you’ll look and feel fabulously fashionable.  Food is fashion–so have fun!

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