How to Stay Fit

TIP 1:

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TIP 2:

Experts say shorter days and less sunlight may disrupt circadian rhythms and bring on the blues. One nonprescription fix: Exercise.

TIP 3:

Research shows that healthy-weight adults gain only about a pound during the holidays, but tend not to lose it.

TIP 4:

To ward off those party pounds, stick to one alcoholic drink and one serving of lighter fare, such as spiced nuts and burger sliders, Toby Amidor, R.D., recommends.

TIP 5:

Cranberries are a fantastic source of both vitamin C and certain phyto-chemicals that fight bacteria and are good for you in any form: as juice, dried, in sauces or relishes. Fresh berries are even higher in vitamin C than cooked ones, so why not give them a try?
Finely chop and toss them in with tuna salad, tartar sauce, or cole slaw.

TIP 6:

The Party Dress Workout includes “3-2-1” cycling intervals: three minutes of climbing, two of speed drills, and one minute of rest. (You’ll need it!)

TIP 7:

The Swiss Ball Pullover (below), is your secret weapon.


Swiss Ball Pullover: Step 1
Swiss Ball Pullover: Step 1
Swiss Ball Pullover: Step 2
Swiss Ball Pullover: Step 2


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