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Everyone wants flat abs, firm legs, and lift-ed buns—and it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Using Sandra’s Legs, Butt & Belly Workout, you’ll do fun cycling for cardio, and dynamic moves that raise your heart rate, tone large muscle groups, and turn your metabolism into a fat-melting furnace.

TIP 1: Join FitStudio’s Bike Month ChallengeSign up for free on, connect an activity tracker or app, and earn Shop Your Way points for cycling miles. Helmets on; saddlebags off!

TIP 2: Focus on the FutureNew research reveals people with positive moods tend to eat healthier because they consider future goals, more so than instant satisfaction from junk food.

TIP 3: What a WaistWomen with 37-inch waistlines (or wider) had lower life expectancy than those with 27-inch waists or smaller, a new study finds.

TIP 4: Remember When?You felt so carefree and confident riding your bike as a kid. Those feelings aren’t age-specific. Get a bargain on a bike at Sears—and experience that reawakening now!

TIP 5: Keep It Old SchoolA classic move like the bicycle crunch will never go out of style because it’s so effective. The twisting motion works your abs in all directions, and pumping your legs boosts your heart rate. Consider your waist whittled.

TIP 6: Carve It OutTake a break (and get an energy boost!) with a refreshing fruit salad. Use a melon baller to scoop watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe into balls. Arrange the melon in a clear bowl for an irresistible presentation.

TIP 7: It’s Crunch TimeCrunches are hard enough to do without weight, which is exactlywhy we added an extra load—it’s a challenge! But watch your form: Hold the weight above your chest; keep your chin tilted to the ceiling, and try to lift both shoulders off the floor.

Go to, and click on “Workouts” to watch the moves and get fit with Sandra.


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