Mardi Gras Mania

The decorating scheme for any Mardi Gras  celebration is guided by the traditional colors: purple, green and gold. Tradition also dictates that a plastic baby Jesus be hidden in the King Cake. Whomever gets it provides the King Cake for the next Mardi Gras celebration!

Light up the Night

Mardi Gras decor is inherently bold – from its decidedly rich and bright colors to its love affairs with all that glitters – so simple taper candles just won’t do in any setting. Jazz up plain pillar candles with sparkly stickers that go on in one fell swoop. Set the embellished candles on gold holders that reflect the candlelight.



Mysterious Masks

Dress up plain craft-store masks for Mardi Gras with ribbons, feathers and a hot-glue gun. Dramatic purple bows made from wide tulle ribbon make simple chair embellishments.



Make Some Noise

Project merriment with homemade noisemakers. Roll up a paper cone from metallic card stock and hot-glue inside a plastic metallic whizzer. Use hot glue to seal the seam down the cone. Using sharp scissors, trim the wide end of the cone to be an even length all around. Trim the noisemakers with gold holographic icicles or tinsel.





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