Makeshift Mudroom

Do you find your coats, shoes, and keys piled haphazardly about? Or, have trouble finding them at all? Those of us lacking a marvelous mudroom can make our own by transforming a small closet into our go-to spot for everything we wear or carry in the door. Assign all the odds and ends that simply cannot live elsewhere to bins and crates on the upper shelf. Designate a large basket for the closet floor—it can hold hats, gloves, shoes, your yoga mat, water bottle, and more. Finally, shop the home-improvement store for hook sash lifts (you’ve probably seen them on your windows). If you want, paint them a fun color, then mount three, spacing them evenly on the inside of the closet door. Use these handy hooks for keys, scarves, and other easy-to-lose items.

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