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Accent Pieces

Willowy glass candlesticks and square glass bowls of hydrangeas flank the artichoke vases in sparkling symmetry. Bread dipping bowls filled with oil match the indigo candles.

Music: A compilation CD, like A Mediterranean Odyssey: Athens to Andalusia, or the sound track from Fiddler on the Roof or My Big Fat Greek Wedding.


Fresh artichokes, a mainstay in Greek cooking, make a verdant centerpiece showcased in glass cylinder vases, grouped in three sizes for an eye-catching effect.


Wrapped in sheer white ribbon and nested in a soup bowl, two light blue taper candles become a take-home memento. A sprig of rosemary, the herb of remembrance, is tucked in the bow to symbolize friendship.

Place Cards: These echo the tablecloth’s summery stripes. Use 3-M™ Spray Mount™ to cover store-bought cards with blue and white striped fabric. Center a white self-adhesive label to the front and pen guests’ names in blue ink that matches the blue in the tablecloth.

Food and Drinks

Pale, sophisticated Santor-tinis lend the juicy sweetness of pears with dry Champagne. Served in long-stemmed glasses, they counterbalance robust, colorful Greek Garden Olives and crusty bread.

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