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Accent Pieces

Find charming white decorations at your local craft store, such as white butterflies to hang on your tree. Craft snowmen using different sized Styrofoam balls - you can use white toothpicks for arms, and marshmallows and white peppermint candies to create hats. Display them around the tablescape to create a winter wonderland scene.


This year, make a sugar cube house as the table centerpiece. It's a fantastic take on the classic gingerbread house. To craft this charming home, simply glue sugar cubes onto a 7x7 foam board using royal icing.  Leave room for a door and windows. Then bend a 10x10 foam piece in half to create a roof; adorn with white candies and marshmallows. Fill in any holes, and create snow drifts using royal icing.


Your Christmas table will look elegant and pretty with this festive tableware. On top of a large clear plate, stack a clear silver-rimmed plate. Then top with a flat white reef. Place a scalloped pearl white bowl on the very top with a napkin and name holder inside for guests to take home.

Food and Drinks

The menu this Christmas is festive and wonderful with genius twists on classic recipes to make the most memorable family meal.  Begin with my Macadamia Nut Crusted Goat Cheese before serving the main course. Then bring out the grand Pork Crown Roast with Glaze served with a side of Roasted Parsnip Medley. Finish with individual Snowy Angel Food Cakes and ring in the season with heavenly White Chocolate Egg Nog. The only thing left over after this meal will be tons of memories and a new family meal tradition.

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