Home from the Hospital

Sandra Lee  |  2015-08-13 11:46:05  |  Sandra Lee Blog

I'm home again from the hospital!


Going into surgery

Sandra Lee  |  2015-08-11 21:38:29  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Sandra has just gone into surgery and we'll keep you posted as the evening


Sandra Lee update

Sandra Lee  |  2015-08-11 19:26:22  |  Sandra Lee Blog

When I was growing up, most of the kids that I was in school with went

into the military, not to college - everyone that came out of boot camp

had a new anthem - Argent¹s song "Hold Your Head Up".


Update on Sandra

Sandra Lee  |  2015-08-11 16:48:27  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Although this is not a game — and not to diminish or disrespect this process-- I think about it like a tennis match, as tennis is my favorite sport.


Update on Sandra

Sandra Lee  |  2015-08-07 15:52:52  |  Sandra Lee Blog

As you may have heard our Sandra has been in the hospital for the last few days trying to fight off an infection. As she has shared in her many posts over the last several months, she has experienced several complications pre and post surgery. Sandra was hoping to avoid any further operations until her final reconstruction. 


Transformation Taco Tuesday!

Sandra Lee  |  2015-08-04 18:53:38  |  Sandra Lee Blog

It’s Transformation Tuesday!  It’s also Taco Tuesday, my favorite night of the week to feast on the meal I love most!  Today, I am giving this Mexican classic a little makeover!


Happy National Lipstick Day!

Sandra Lee  |  2015-07-29 20:26:36  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Today is National Lipstick Day!  To celebrate, I would love to tell you about my favorite lipstick brands and shades! They are all shades of pink! 


Sandra’s 7 Summer-of-Fun Tips

Sandra Lee  |  2015-07-22 22:08:17  |  Sandra Lee Blog

School’s out. The great outdoors beckons. Let the good times begin! Step one — create a mocktail mini bar that puts healthful, thirst-quenching juices and fresh snacks within easy reach of your whole crew.


Money Saving Meals are a Snap with Valpak Deals!

Sandra Lee  |  2015-07-10 15:58:04  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Saving money on food is SO easy with Valpak.


WHOA- Have you Heard of Valpak.com?

Sandra Lee  |  2015-07-09 21:52:36  |  Sandra Lee Blog

WHOA- restaurants, groceries, there are so many good deals on Valpak.com!

Planning a Summer Trip? Use Valpak!

Sandra Lee  |  2015-07-02 16:13:21  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Save up for your summer trip by using Valpak deals, like these ones at valpak.com/travel.

Great Deals at Valpak!

Sandra Lee  |  2015-06-30 16:28:18  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Did you know Valpak, which is sent to millions of homes, has great deals online too!?


Rose Razzle-Dazzle

Sandra Lee  |  2015-06-24 21:03:25  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Looking for a lovely topper to a mini bundt cake?


Fresh Flowers

Sandra Lee  |  2015-06-24 20:45:26  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For your centerpiece, buy bright bunches of flowers from the grocery store, then regroup them in small monochromatic bouquets. 


Happy Father's Day!

Sandra Lee  |  2015-06-20 18:26:54  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers, brothers, uncles and wonderful men in our lives. This is a picture of me with ...


Medical Monday

Sandra Lee  |  2015-06-19 16:03:27  |  Sandra Lee Blog


I sooo want to tell all of you that everything is going perfectly, that it's fine, but what I hear is "you aren't out of the woods yet."  I feel like every time I go to a doctor's appointment I'm looking for a gold star that never comes. He says at least another four weeks before we know for sure. It is incredible to me how long this healing process takes and although I do feel great energy coming back to me daily I have to stay put and be so very careful, as 24 hours can make a huge difference on whether you get sick again or not. 
I know I will be up and around any minute - I cannot wait to hit the beach somewhere, at this point, anywhere. 
If I could write my OWN story, I'd have brighter news for you to start your week. But I am trying to use positive imaging - to picture myself being 100 percent well, and on that beach. Maybe planning for the Fourth of July weekend, and my birthday! As you know I was in the hospital Memorial Day weekend, so the Fourth is EXTRA special to me this year. What are you planning to do for YOUR Fourth of July Weekend? Barbeques? Picnics? A Parade? And what are the cocktails? Let me know so I can dream about being with you sipping on something refreshing!

I sooo want to tell all of you that everything is going perfectly, that it's fine, but what I hear is "you aren't...


Roses and Relaxation

Sandra Lee  |  2015-06-18 22:09:31  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Roses relax me, and they're in full bloom right now. These rose bushes are attached to my potting shed, which I spend as much time in lately as possible.


Random Acts of Kindness

Sandra Lee  |  2015-06-17 01:50:35  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Today I'm spending some time going through all the beautiful letters I received from all of you.
The special notes and the special cards were so appreciated.