Crazy Kebabs

Sandra Lee  |  2014-10-01 14:42:45  |  Sandra Lee Blog

To craft these cuties, coat long skewers with baking spray and press them through soft candies and marshmallows!


She's Melting

Sandra Lee  |  2014-10-01 10:01:39  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Transform a batch of classic caramel apples into the gooey remains of a witch.


Fright Stuff

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-30 12:10:13  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Create a sinister spread of cocktails.


Jack-o'-lantern Garnish

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-30 11:51:38  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For jack-o'-lantern garnish, slice a round piece of orange peel, lightly carve features, and scrape off the orange.


Spirits and Skulls

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-30 11:29:31  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Bake a batch of Deep Black Chocolate Cupcakes.


Candy-Corn Surprise

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-30 11:17:34  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Bake a Deep Black Chocolate Cake and level tops of cake layers with a serrated knife.


Frozen Fun

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-29 16:27:34  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Soften 2 quarts of mocha or chocolate ice cream and divide into two large bowls.


Seasonal Settings

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-29 16:13:24  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Carve “welcome” into foam core using an X-Acto knife, then paint the sign with acrylics in ochre, brown, and black. 


Cupcake Cuties

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-22 13:25:30  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Turn chocolate cupcakes into wise old owls using packaged cookies and candy.


S’mores Station

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-15 12:32:40  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Make a s’mores station that does double duty as a centerpiece.


Autumn Accents

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-09 14:56:51  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For mushrooms anyone can love, dust meringue cookies with cocoa powder.


Goo x Two

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-08 12:03:42  |  Sandra Lee Blog

There are caramel apples and there are toffee apples, but why choose?


Can a Banana

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-05 12:48:54  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Bake a banana bread mix as directed, but in an empty can instead of a loaf pan.


Sandra's 7 Pie-Baking Tips

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-03 10:25:34  |  Sandra Lee Blog

In fall, when apples are plentiful and the weather has cooled, it’s fun to start baking juicy fruit-filled pies again.


Cinnamon Stick Trivets

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-03 09:50:46  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Make trivets out of cinnamon sticks.


Zesty Treats

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-28 16:09:00  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Cut a thin slice off the bottom of a lemon to stabilize it, and cut a larger slice off the top. Scoop out the pulp using a sharp knife and spoon. Squeeze out extra juice, and fill with your favorite sorbet. Serve immediately.


Petite Poltergeists

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-26 13:32:38  |  Sandra Lee Blog

To create a bitty boo crew, skewer 2-inch foam balls with 4-inch lollipop sticks.


Golden Globes

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-26 12:18:46  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Give any plain doughnut (homemade or purchased) a scrumptious seasonal pick-me-up.