Shore Thing

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-14 16:50:02  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For the prettiest-ever party favor, grab a glue gun, a plain wooden picture frame, and a handful of seashells.


Make-Your-Own Marshmallows

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-14 15:19:07  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For your next beach bonfire, whip up some semi-homemade marshmallows.


Green Party

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-11 12:03:51  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Melon, a fruit that comes in so many lovely shades and flavors, is the perfect palate cleanser for an outdoor dinner.


World Cup Winning Recipes

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-09 13:42:33  |  Sandra Lee Blog

What are some great dishes or snacks to serve at a World Cup Party?


Cupcake Couture

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-03 11:20:42  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Get the look! This high-fashion cupcake was concocted by Florida’s LA Sweets for Evite, but you can make your own.


Sugar on Top

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-03 10:42:58  |  Sandra Lee Blog

And what’s for dessert? Frost a batch of cupcakes (whipped up from your favorite mix) with a rich and fluffy cream-cheese buttercream icing.


Night Lights

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-02 18:28:30  |  Sandra Lee Blog

As dusk descends, illuminate your yard with votives in vivid, summery hues.


Ocean Spray

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-02 12:46:30  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For a cocktail as invigorating as a surf ride, mix and match combos of wine, flavored seltzer, and a small splash of sweet syrup.


Independence Day Cupcakes

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-01 10:12:14  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Celebrate the Fourth of July with these festive cupcakes!


Window Dressing

Sandra Lee  |  2014-06-25 15:59:17  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Sometimes all it takes is a well-placed ribbon to brighten a room. 


Incredibly Edible

Sandra Lee  |  2014-06-24 17:07:18  |  Sandra Lee Blog

A tasty starfish? Yes, if you create one out of a block of fondant icing.


Shady Idea

Sandra Lee  |  2014-06-24 13:03:53  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Paper parasols aren’t just for tropical drinks.


Berry Bounty

Sandra Lee  |  2014-06-20 09:52:02  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Sure, they are a key baking ingredient, but berries can also stand quite well on their own— and freshen up your table while they’re at it. 


Citrus Kiss

Sandra Lee  |  2014-06-10 16:53:37  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Serve up your next batch of cookies with a tart little jolt.  


Spring Fling

Sandra Lee  |  2014-06-05 15:11:44  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Who says you need a green thumb to be a colorful host?


A Little Bit Country

Sandra Lee  |  2014-06-05 12:26:27  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Over-the-top can be a blast, but understated country chic is even better. 


Evite Partnership

Sandra Lee  |  2014-05-20 16:37:58  |  Sandra Lee Blog

I am teaming up with Evite to make hosting parties and gatherings with ease even easier! 


Final Sweetness

Sandra Lee  |  2014-05-16 16:04:02  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Candy—as vivid as it is sweet—can perk up your party in so many ways.