Ruby Whips

Sandra Lee  |  2015-01-28 15:30:43  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Spread the red for your Chinese New Year dinner.


Sandra’s 7 Time-Saving Tips

Sandra Lee  |  2015-01-21 10:08:30  |  Sandra Lee Blog

When temperatures and snowflakes fall, all you want to do is cozy up with friends (animal or human!) and a good cup of coffee, a table full of sweet treats, or a great book. Don’t have the time? These simple tricks will cut minutes of your busywork — so you can get to the more important things.


Choco Champ

Sandra Lee  |  2015-01-13 12:30:08  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Top tasty little mini bundt cakes with adorably delectable strawberry footballs.


Fan Favorites

Sandra Lee  |  2015-01-13 12:11:22  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For the simplest of Super Bowl sweets, buy (or make) cupcakes, brownie bites, and vanilla frosting for piping.


S’mores Sticks

Sandra Lee  |  2015-01-12 17:51:39  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Insert lollipop sticks into a batch of marshmallows.


Make Whoopies!

Sandra Lee  |  2015-01-12 17:04:12  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Make Whoopies!


Doubly Dark

Sandra Lee  |  2015-01-09 16:23:54  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Want a table that puts chocolate front and center? 


Sweet Shoppe

Sandra Lee  |  2014-12-23 09:19:53  |  Sandra Lee Blog

If you’re serving a buffet of chocolates, you may as well take a design cue from the old-time corner candy store.


Visual Feast

Sandra Lee  |  2014-12-15 10:57:39  |  Sandra Lee Blog

It’s easy to turn an everyday layer cake into a showy sweet.


Teeny Tannenbaum

Sandra Lee  |  2014-12-08 11:09:53  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Your collection of meaningful ornaments deserves a special stage.


Winter Greens

Sandra Lee  |  2014-12-08 11:02:59  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Natural ingredients, such as berries and edible greens, create a fresh and modern-looking table.


Above and Beyond

Sandra Lee  |  2014-12-04 17:40:03  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Everyone hangs wreaths on walls. Make a statement and hang yours from the ceiling. 


Wrap Music

Sandra Lee  |  2014-12-02 16:26:29  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Search flea markets, the Internet, or your piano bench for Christmas-carol sheet music.


Jolly Holly

Sandra Lee  |  2014-12-02 16:20:42  |  Sandra Lee Blog

A holly-berry garnish!


Minty Mouthfuls

Sandra Lee  |  2014-12-02 15:52:10  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Tie a few pops together as a gift!


Gumdrop Garnish

Sandra Lee  |  2014-11-25 16:38:27  |  Sandra Lee Blog

To lend cupcakes an old-fashioned elfin appearance, top with a swirl of white buttercream, using a pastry bag fitted with a star tip. 


Sugar-Cookie Cupcake Cuties

Sandra Lee  |  2014-11-25 10:23:38  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Here’s proof that decked-out cupcakes can be easy as pie.


Haute Chocolate

Sandra Lee  |  2014-11-14 13:35:11  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Place a cupcake in a festive wrapper and, using a pastry bag fitted with a star tip, swirl frosting.