S’mores Station

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-15 12:32:40  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Make a s’mores station that does double duty as a centerpiece.


Autumn Accents

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-09 14:56:51  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For mushrooms anyone can love, dust meringue cookies with cocoa powder.


Goo x Two

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-08 12:03:42  |  Sandra Lee Blog

There are caramel apples and there are toffee apples, but why choose?


Can a Banana

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-05 12:48:54  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Bake a banana bread mix as directed, but in an empty can instead of a loaf pan.


Sandra's 7 Pie-Baking Tips

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-03 10:25:34  |  Sandra Lee Blog

In fall, when apples are plentiful and the weather has cooled, it’s fun to start baking juicy fruit-filled pies again.


Cinnamon Stick Trivets

Sandra Lee  |  2014-09-03 09:50:46  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Make trivets out of cinnamon sticks.


Zesty Treats

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-28 16:09:00  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Cut a thin slice off the bottom of a lemon to stabilize it, and cut a larger slice off the top. Scoop out the pulp using a sharp knife and spoon. Squeeze out extra juice, and fill with your favorite sorbet. Serve immediately.


Petite Poltergeists

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-26 13:32:38  |  Sandra Lee Blog

To create a bitty boo crew, skewer 2-inch foam balls with 4-inch lollipop sticks.


Golden Globes

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-26 12:18:46  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Give any plain doughnut (homemade or purchased) a scrumptious seasonal pick-me-up.


Leather Ties

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-21 17:05:01  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For football festivities, keep settings simple, with one special touch.  


Game-Day Gathering Party Favors

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-21 16:58:57  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For your backyard tailgate gathering, grill up a scrumptious spread and send guests home with fun sports and tailgating paraphernalia.  


Beachy & Bright

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-18 11:04:04  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Use hot glue to attach shells to white-washed clay pots.


Life Lines

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-07 15:53:57  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Even your desserts can have a waterside feel.  


Sandra’s 7 Chill-Out Tips

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-01 15:08:37  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Sure, we need them to store vegetables and keep meat, but freezer drawers, not to mention the cool new CustomChillTM Drawer (which has four temp settings that range from 29°F to 42°F) in this LG refrigerator, have plenty more terrific uses.


Buckets of Fun

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-31 12:11:12  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Throwing a poolside barbecue? Greet guests with a party favor they can use all day.


Frothy & Fresh Milkshake

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-31 11:48:01  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Cool down on a hot night with this delightfully adult ice cream treat.


Shore Thing

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-14 16:50:02  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For the prettiest-ever party favor, grab a glue gun, a plain wooden picture frame, and a handful of seashells.


Make-Your-Own Marshmallows

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-14 15:19:07  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For your next beach bonfire, whip up some semi-homemade marshmallows.