A New Friend

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-22 21:16:21  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Sandra made a new friend.


A Gift of Flowers

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-22 21:08:14  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Sandra decided to give those beautiful flowers to others in the hospital.


Side by Side

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-22 21:04:42  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Sandra says that waking up is the toughest part of the day. 


"Hit By a Truck Day"

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-22 16:48:04  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Today was a much tougher day.


VIDEO: Staying Positive

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-22 16:41:35  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Even though she's not feeling so well today, Sandra's up to sharing a note.


A Beautiful Surprise

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-21 17:01:35  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Sandra woke up to a beautiful surprise!


VIDEO: An Update from the Hospital

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-21 16:57:26  |  Sandra Lee Blog

An amazing story from Sandra.


One small step

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-21 16:39:35  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Today Sandra was able to take her first few steps since the surgery. 


Time to Heal

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-21 16:34:50  |  Sandra Lee Blog

A new update on how Sandra is recovering.


Up and At 'Em

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-21 16:26:14  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Sandra is doing well. She's able to enjoy a Starbucks coffee and cream of wheat — made with milk, not water — and she's on her second bowl of blueberries.


Nice Ice

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-20 18:23:33  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Doll up garden-party cocktails with fancy floral or fruity cubes.


Post Surgery update

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-20 15:29:41  |  Sandra Lee Blog

We have another update.

Sandra is out of the recovery room, and was taken to her hospital room. It seems the nurses all have grown attached to her. Her sister Kimber propped up Sandra's pillows, brought from home. (You know the right pillow is key for comfort!)

The attendants laughed when the Governor said "Oh don't worry about the pillows - Sandy always says one pillow is as good as another, right Sand?"

Even in her post-op haze, her lifestyle spirit rallied. 
"A good pillow is the best-like sleeping on a cloud!"

Pillows in place, Sandra is resting comfortably.


Sandra is out of surgery!

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-19 18:52:13  |  Sandra Lee Blog

She is currently in a recovery room with Governor Cuomo and her sister Kimber. A four to five hour surgery is generally what's anticipated for a bilateral mastectomy. Hospitals call where Sandra is resting a "PACU"- which means a Post Anesthesia Care Unit. In layman's terms, she's still a little groggy, but grateful the surgery is completed for today.


Stylish in scrubs

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-19 18:44:27  |  Sandra Lee Blog

The day started out in the middle of the night.


Heading into surgey

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-19 15:00:26  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Sandra Lee's Team


Updated Statement

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-14 20:30:11  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Controversy and confusion have always been a part of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment


Thank You Letter From Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-13 18:39:03  |  Sandra Lee Blog

I want to take a minute and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your warm wishes and prayers.


Pretty Pours

Sandra Lee  |  2015-05-12 17:11:19  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Flavored vinegars are easy to make, taste great in marinades and dressings, and (best of all) are lovely to look at.