Leather Ties

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-21 17:05:01  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For football festivities, keep settings simple, with one special touch.  


Game-Day Gathering Party Favors

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-21 16:58:57  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For your backyard tailgate gathering, grill up a scrumptious spread and send guests home with fun sports and tailgating paraphernalia.  


Beachy & Bright

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-18 11:04:04  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Use hot glue to attach shells to white-washed clay pots.


Life Lines

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-07 15:53:57  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Even your desserts can have a waterside feel.  


Sandra’s 7 Chill-Out Tips

Sandra Lee  |  2014-08-01 15:08:37  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Sure, we need them to store vegetables and keep meat, but freezer drawers, not to mention the cool new CustomChillTM Drawer (which has four temp settings that range from 29°F to 42°F) in this LG refrigerator, have plenty more terrific uses.


Buckets of Fun

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-31 12:11:12  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Throwing a poolside barbecue? Greet guests with a party favor they can use all day.


Frothy & Fresh Milkshake

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-31 11:48:01  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Cool down on a hot night with this delightfully adult ice cream treat.


Shore Thing

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-14 16:50:02  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For the prettiest-ever party favor, grab a glue gun, a plain wooden picture frame, and a handful of seashells.


Make-Your-Own Marshmallows

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-14 15:19:07  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For your next beach bonfire, whip up some semi-homemade marshmallows.


Green Party

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-11 12:03:51  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Melon, a fruit that comes in so many lovely shades and flavors, is the perfect palate cleanser for an outdoor dinner.


World Cup Winning Recipes

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-09 13:42:33  |  Sandra Lee Blog

What are some great dishes or snacks to serve at a World Cup Party?


Cupcake Couture

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-03 11:20:42  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Get the look! This high-fashion cupcake was concocted by Florida’s LA Sweets for Evite, but you can make your own.


Sugar on Top

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-03 10:42:58  |  Sandra Lee Blog

And what’s for dessert? Frost a batch of cupcakes (whipped up from your favorite mix) with a rich and fluffy cream-cheese buttercream icing.


Night Lights

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-02 18:28:30  |  Sandra Lee Blog

As dusk descends, illuminate your yard with votives in vivid, summery hues.


Ocean Spray

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-02 12:46:30  |  Sandra Lee Blog

For a cocktail as invigorating as a surf ride, mix and match combos of wine, flavored seltzer, and a small splash of sweet syrup.


Independence Day Cupcakes

Sandra Lee  |  2014-07-01 10:12:14  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Celebrate the Fourth of July with these festive cupcakes!


Window Dressing

Sandra Lee  |  2014-06-25 15:59:17  |  Sandra Lee Blog

Sometimes all it takes is a well-placed ribbon to brighten a room. 


Incredibly Edible

Sandra Lee  |  2014-06-24 17:07:18  |  Sandra Lee Blog

A tasty starfish? Yes, if you create one out of a block of fondant icing.